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You can state your opinion as much as you want. After all, it's all you are doing, stating your opinion.

Thats not true,respect boundaries. I know ur the type of idiot who would rock on up to someone and say something stupid which unfortunately for you despite ur weight training,but lack of flexibility and cardio would result in u getting smashed on the chin then made a goose of in court but show some inhibition already.
I agree with you in principle but just can't be arsed dealing with any heat such as today

what do u mean? I removed my posts after you told me that i had breached ur privacy. Obviously i couldnt just post anything i liked now could I? The principle here is dont breach anything that makes makes the other party uncomfortable. Im not a lawless dummy.
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Don’t sell yourself short mate, you’re da man. ��

you havent seen the group im in,little boy weights in comparison. I think i can take the 75 yr olds.Only gonna squat 180,need arm for bench. Dimis squatting 350 equipped in training with the jesus spot,now thats the man rite there.
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Captain Kunce
Mate would you want to be part of it right now. He did what he needed to do and got the hell out. Good decision.
APU or GPC only for me. GPC just for Push/Pull because its a fun comp with good people in Sydney.

I'll be competing with APU again eventually. Or just novice comps at my mates gym now he's also pulled his affiliation with PA. Though he might join APU also.

APU is the future for tested athletes in Australia. Hopefully with the collapse of PA, APU can build more funds and further improve thier testing program, and thier reputation (those guys are all ex. PA anyway so this should happen quickly).

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