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Fucked up Kunce


Fucked up Kunce
The Laxo I got is stronger at 50mg per cap without the choline. Str3ngth is 50mg including choline and its a prop blend so it could be as low as 20 or 25mg of Laxo.


Look at Moi, I'm a Kunce
Precisely, they only lowered it because it's better absorbed. Same with EU, I trust that they know what they're doing. Nothing but quality supps come out of OL but I reckon laxo will be laxo. If it was cheaper then it's worth it

El Testicle

Goat that feeling
Ep1c won't do much if you're used to PH results ;)

Yeah, kinda what I was thinking.

I've been off shit for a while now... so sad to see most gains whittle away, but come to the realisation, you either go on and stay on or you're just masturbating. Just my opinion, sure there'll be loads who'd disagree.

While I enjoy a good session with my tea-towel as much as the next guy, I think I'd rather live to see my boys grow up than be swole and have a heart attack.