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Packing a Huge Member
Hey medical kunce!

Who knows what the fuk is wrong with my knee? cbf waiting at the doctors.

Every time I kneel to put on a shoe (forget rooting, cant do it) the right knee gets an agonizing sharp pain right at the contact point. :mad: Thought I knelt on something like a pebble or glass but no.
I squatted last night with no pain what so ever, no swelling, no bruising, no clicking, nothing sharp stuck in it. When I bend it and press with my finger I struggle to find the spot, but when I do my hair stands up with pain, ike there is something sharp in it right where the kneeling contact point is, its weird, I cant remember any injury to it.


Who can save me up to an hour in the waiting room and give me their totally unprofessional opinion?
I get that now and again, it shocks the hell out of me.
as much as it comes out of no where it goes...

i dont worry too much about this
how long does it last b4 it goes again?

A couple of days to a week, nothing else bothers me (my knee) I had it just last week, it lasted not long, I didn't kneel on it for a couple of days, used the other knee.

the time before that was six months ago, I had to move some heavy items up and down a steep driveway I feel that might have triggered it.
Yep, I'd say you'll have to amputate.
You might be doing squat with wrong posture. You must be aware of proper techniques of exercise and follow best practices to keep injuries away from yourself.