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Kunce of the Year 2015
got the oven and timer on, going to do kale egg omelettes with some of the bacon *grins*


Well-known member
Banana split


Punxsutawney resident
Looks pretty damn nice.

Bought blueberries the other day too, assuming it all ok now...just not grown or packed in China..


YOLO Kunce
IGA sold frozen Canadian berries for $7.99 a kilo..stocked up someting chronic. cheerin'

It even had ASDA certification confirming no fecal matter in batch tested :D


YOLO Kunce
That is a huge feast! What, are you about to do a 2-hr bro split sesh [MENTION=17457]Repacked[/MENTION];?? :p

Oh wait that prolly doesn't even touch the sides. Damn big rigs!


Well-known member
wow that's when brekkie gets serious :D

today I went a bit crazy and had a monster cruffin with pastry cream and a tonne of salted caramel and some nougatine on top.
Pretty much unable to eat anything for lunch lol

But awesome post leg day recovery food, yeah?



Well-known member
Googled why is dinner called tea.

The Upper Classes had a light afternoon tea at 4.30pm and dinner at 8.00pm. However; the working classes would come back from work and needed a large meal. They had dinner at the time when the upper classes were having afternoon tea, so called their dinner “tea”.

My family obviously don't come from upperclass then. Lol.

All you snobby dinner eaters.


Look at Moi, I'm a Kunce
There's that baked bean one getting around too. I think sherk is in to beans....Or that might just be flicking them
Not open for further replies.