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New member
We hope you enjoy the product, and all the best in the pursuit of your fitness goals !

Received my order yesterday and so far I am very happy with the chocolate wpi, it tastes much better than my last purchase of wpc chocolate from protein direct. (1 scoop mixed in 300ml water)
I know there may be a difference between the wpi/wpc but for me its almost perfect, reminds me of the very first few tubs of biobulker I bought which I loved. Can see myself drinking a lot of this and being very happy at that

I have also tried the choc mint and I think you guys are on to something good here, im sure this will be a popular product. It does have quite a strong mint flavour and im not known for having a sweet tooth so it may take a little more getting used to for my personal taste, but my mrs craves sweet and she loved it.

Next time I may try a cocktail of .5 scoop choc and .5 scoop of choc mint, sounds good doesnt it!!

Also very happy with my service from Van, I purchased x2, 1kg items but he pointed out that I should have purchased x1, 2kg item and selected the different flavours before adding to the shopping cart. This saves you money which he refunded straight away



Site Advertiser
I have also tried the choc mint and I think you guys are on to something good here, im sure this will be a popular product


Thanks for your great feedback. Choc-mint has been the most popular flavour sold in the last 3 days, with more and more customers purchasing it on the basis of great reviews like yours. We've had one customer make 4 separate orders and become a Bronze Member of our site within 2 days.

As for our service, we're all about looking after customers and of course... No Bull!

Stiff 2G

SuperDooper Member
Remember when [MENTION=8428]Big Mick[/MENTION] started his thread, then began threatening us on NB's behalf :D Love you Mickey!